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Clerk: Helen Duckering
3 Ruddle Way, Langham, Rutland
LE15 7NZ

Tel: 01572 759554

Welcome to Exton and Horn Parish Council website.Exton is one of the most beautiful villages in Rutland with an English village green standing at its heart. Around The Green is a scattering of traditional stone cottages many of them over 300 years old and the Fox and Hounds public house. Horn village no longer exists apart from a few houses around Horn Mill and in 2015 it was agreed that the parishes of Exton and Horn would be merged and served by one parish council.

Exton and Horn Parish Council provides YOUR local services. We strive to make Exton and Horn a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Find local groups and businesses in our Community Page. This site also includes pages on the history of Exton and galleries of pictures of Exton past and present. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. You can find documents such a Council minutes in the documents tab if you click on the Council menu on the left hand side. Past editions of the Village Newsletter are located on the Community tab (click on newsletters). If you can't find what you want or would like to recommend any improvements to our website then please contact us.

Latest News

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

A number of events are planned in Exton to celebrate the Plantinum Jubilee of HRH Queen Elizabeth. These include:

Thursday 2nd June 9.00 pm Lighting of Jubilee Beacon at Barnsdale Lodge - all welcome.

Sunday 5th June afternoon 12.30 onwards Picnic on Exton Green - all residents welcome. Toilets available in the Village Hall and the pub will be open.

Sunday 5th June 3.00-5.00 pm Children's party in the Village Hall. More »

Throughout this period some streets are organising street parties, barbecues or other events for their locality. If your street isn't doing something why not organise something yourself?

Look out for further details in the June Newsletter. » Less

Posted: Thu, 19 May 2022 10:00 by Paul Taylor

Help for Ukraine

Help for Ukraine

I wanted to thank everybody who has so generously contributed to the Ukrainian collections via Exton Village Hall. I can safely say they have filled our garage and it took days to sort, label and pack them. So far three estate car loads have been delivered directly onto lorries - some directly for Kharkiv in Ukraine, and others to Ukrainian refugee centres on the Polish border. Villagers in Manton and Greetham have also contributed baby equipment and clothing. And we will have another load to deliver soon. Anyone wishing to see the work can see the photos and developments on 'Support the World' Facebook page including photos of a Councillor from Mariupol who recently collected some of the donations, and some of the children receiving the donations in Poland. Our collection will continue as the need is endless, and as seasons change more items are always needed. More »

Thank you so much again

Lynne Cundy

Further details of how you can help with aid for Ukraine can be found in the May Newsletter.
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Posted: Mon, 25 Apr 2022 11:36 by Paul Taylor

EXTON Produce & Craft Show 2022

EXTON Produce & Craft Show 2022

Exton Village Hall Sunday 24th July 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Bring your entries to the Village Hall SUNDAY 24th July between 09.30am and 12.30pm Drinks & cakes will be served during the Show.

Please support the Village Show See you there!

Full schedule in the April newsletter (available in the Community section of this website).

Posted: Mon, 28 Mar 2022 18:39 by Paul Taylor