Exton and Horn Parish Council

Serving the people of Exton and Horn

Clerk: Helen Duckering
3 Ruddle Way, Langham, Rutland
LE15 7NZ

Tel: 01572 759554

Historical pictures of Exton 1860-1914

Blacksmiths Lane c. 1900. Before the First World War the village smithy stood in Blacksmiths Lane. Today it is Blacksmiths Cottage. The cart in the foreground is probably delivering milk.

Blacksmiths Lane c. 1900. The large doorway to the blacksmith's shop can be seen about half way down the lane.

12 and 14 Stamford Road

Stamford Road 1906

Stamford Top looking towards Top Street. The house on the right no longer exists and is now Top Green.

Stamford End

The Green looking up Stamford Road.

The High Street from the Green

The High Street from the Town Pump

Top Street

The Old Stores was one of Exton's shops at the end of Top Street, it was later a doctor's surgery and is now used as an office.

The Horse Pond stood beside Oakham Road and was fed by the brook. It was filled in some years ago when the present houses were built on the Church Farm site.

The Old Hall was burned down a few years after this picture was taken.

The New Hall 1905

Fort Henry