Exton and Horn Parish Council

Serving the people of Exton and Horn

Clerk: Annette Oliver
West Chantry, 20 Stamford
Road, Exton, Rutland LE15 8AZ

Tel: 01572 812233

Advice from Rutland County Council 25/03/20

Advice from Rutland County Council 25/03/20
  • Residents will be aware that the Government have now made 'rules' as opposed to 'advice' with regard to movements of the community and it is hoped these will be respected. These will be enforced by penalties where necessary we understand. Please heed the government and help to keep us all safe.
  • Please do not bombard the RCC with questions, you can use their official website but please respect the fact that they are dealing with a crisis situation and resources are being stretched.
  • Parish Clerks are the single source of contact for each community and we will try to keep you up to date daily with regard to information we receive. However please understand that things change daily and sometimes by the hour.
  • Some of you feel that the civic amenity sites should not have been closed but it must be appreciated that while social distancing can be applied, it is unfair to expect the staff to handle the waste. Closure protects the staff but also residents. Collections remain in place.
  • Charity shops have been closed but unfortunately some people are still depositing bags of items and leaving them outside the shops. Please do not do this as this is yet another task for the RCC or some other authorised body to arrange for their removal. .
  • Emergency funding is available to the RCC for a range of causes including adult social care, children's social care, supporting those of high risk, also those with childcare needs, too complex to include here.
  • From today there will be no charges for parking in council car parks in Okaham.
  • This link may be useful: https://www.rutland.gov.uk/my-services/health-and-family/health-and-nhs/health-and-support-services/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-advice-and-guidance/

Annette Oliver, Parish Clerk, Exton and Horn

Posted: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 12:22 by Paul Taylor

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