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Important information re volunteer scheme and posting information

Important information re volunteer scheme and posting information


Jo and Annette have been delighted with the support of the community in setting up the 'Volunteer ' group but we need to remember that the original list of volunteers may change should circumstances dictate.

We would therefore respectfully suggest that those of you not in high risk groups and currently 'well' may be able to continue to shop while still observing Government regulations .

Residents considered by the medical profession and Government as being 'vulnerable' through health or other causes should receive a letter within the next couple of days advising them that food boxes and medication will be delivered directly to them by other sources.

Many of our volunteers are themselves in the self isolating category, particularly the over 70s group, we would therefore respectfully suggest that requests for shopping should only be for basic needs; volunteers will not be able to scan the supermarket seeking specific items or brands. There are still shortages in the shops particularly of fresh vegetables, alternatives must be accepted. These are not 'normal' times.

Volunteers for shopping or pharmacy collections will need to restrict their visits to the shops and surgery so will need to organise a system to allow that.

Payment of shopping needs to be discussed with the volunteer who will be aware of any special arrangements required.

We have noted that Morrisons and Gates are both delivering a box of supplies, please look at their respective websites. Grocery shopping on line is fairly impossible at present with no dates available. Currently Wilkinsons are still open as are B & Q and Screwfix.

Please remember that a large proportion of the village do not have access to the information supplied on social media so it is sincerely hoped readers will ensure – while social distancing – it is shared with neighbours.

The new play equipment was to have been delivered this week but has now been postponed by the manufacturers and we would ask residents to take heed of the fact that the Playpark is closed as are others throughout the County. The risk to yourselves and others is immeasurable should you choose to ignore this.

Keep Well Keep Safe

Posted: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 16:55 by Paul Taylor

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