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Update from Parish Clerk

Update from Parish Clerk

Dear All

Parish Council Communications

Well its a week tomorrow since we sent out all the Notices to villagers regarding the Exton and Horn Community Volunteer scheme. We hope you are keeping to the regulations now in place, it certainly is a change to all our lifestyles. To further assist we have set up a Facebook page Exton COVID 19 so that official information passed directly from government sources etc or from our daily briefings or conference calls to the Parish Clerk will keep you as up to date as possible in these ever changing times. Please note the FB page is not for general comment neither is it necessary for people to comment on my post. Too many separate comments/posts just mean that the one I have placed goes further down and often is missed as only the most recent is read. Thanks to Mark Butterill who is administering this for us.Paul Taylor is putting the same information onto the village web page exton.org. Last week I did say I did not wish to bombard you with emails hence other ports are being used.

Mini Bus Service

Please find attached a notice regarding a free mini bus service that has come through this morning. Items like this bus notice I will also be put on the Notice board at the junction of Empingham/Stamford Road and Simon will place on the board outside the Fox and Hounds.

Ask for help

Many thanks to all of you who came out last weekend to deliver the printed notice with the contacts for help. The community spirit was much appreciated.The volunteer scheme is working well, and we do not want anybody in the village to feel they are alone. Please contact us if you need help. If you have a neighbour who you know is unwell and not coping let us know. Remember the Fox and Hounds are serving ready made meals. 01572 811032 and email info@thefoxinexton.co.uk

Prescription scheme

During the next couple of days the Government will be targeting by letter residents with particular needs and they will have a facility to obtain food and prescriptions by another source. Meanwhile our own prescription volunteer Sheila is working hard but please note there are now changes to collection days. Requests for items needed to be collected Friday must be with her by Tuesday no later; items for Wednesday collection must be with her by Friday before. All our volunteers have identity cards signed by me. The wonderful NHS scheme that is being developed may overtake our own local one or absorb it, time will tell, meanwhile thank you to everyone who has stepped up in the community.

Exton Playpark

You will possibly have noticed the Playpark is now closed in accordance with Government advice, please do not ignore this as it is in all our interests to think of others. If you handle the equipment someone will follow you and who knows if you are spreading the virus? The new items were to have been installed this week but rest assured as soon as it is considered safe to do so this will happen and we will be able to celebrate. You may see the Playpark warden cutting the grass, Parishes have been advised that this is in accordance with guidelines as he is on his own and it will count as his daily walk.

IT help

Attached is a notice of help with regard to IT issues kindly compiled by Paul Cundy. Many are relying heavily on this mode of contact at the moment. The contact list is attached herewith once again. Please, please, look out for your neighbours who do not have social media, who may live alone, ensure they know they are not forgotten.

Discoloured water

Lastly I have just received a telephone call from Severn Trent saying some of you may be experiencing discoloured water. They assure me there is nothing wrong with the water, just run the cold tap for a while and it should clear.

If you have any queries please let me know. However unless they are urgent I would appreciate a little respite in the evenings. Keep Well and Keep Safe.


Annette Oliver, Parish Clerk, Exton and Horn

Posted: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 13:15 by Paul Taylor

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