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Oakham Medical Practice

Oakham Medical Practice


1/ The triage system has been ramped up. There is now an intercom in the entrance foyer. Visitors have to speak through that to reception who will confirm their reasons to enter the building. A nurse will then come to you in the foyer and take your temperature.

The Practice is only dealing with critical cases. All non-essential minor treatments are postponed.

2/ A full isolation consulting room has been created. Any patient with suspected Coronavirus COVID-19 will be taken there to see a doctor.

3/ The adjacent Boots pharmacy is now shutting 13:00 > 14:00 each day. They are only allowing one person at a time to enter and maintain social distancing rules.

The need to observe hygiene and social distancing rules to reduce risk is paramount.

Posted: Fri, 03 Apr 2020 13:40 by Paul Taylor

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