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Update from the Parish Clerk

Update from the Parish Clerk

Dear Residents

After another conference call with RCC for Parish Clerks yesterday I am passing on just one or two items to bring to your attention.

Recycling and waste collection

Firstly, there are lots of requests for the 'tip' to be re-opened. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the present time as the RCC's first priority is to ensure everybody has their waste bin emptied during this present situation. Many employees are working in other departments to cover those off or unable to work. This includes the personnel from the tip. We would respectfully remind residents that in order for the collection scheme to continue they do not take this opportunity when so many are at home to do a thorough spring clean and overflow your bins. Side waste will not be collected. Please if you have excess store it at home until we are 'back to normal'. We are aware that there will be some who will just dump rubbish elsewhere - please if you notice any fly tipping report it to me so that I can advice the RCC.

Paying for deliveries

There are deliveries being made by some food merchants and even garden centres. Just take care passing on credit card details. The Exton volunteers have identity cards and use the 'tap' method allowing purchases up to £45 in most cases from the previous £30.

Help for vulnerable people

Operation Shield: for vulnerable people are sharing their data base with the supermarkets - details on the RCC website. Also the Crisis line is up and running please do not let anybody be hungry or worried, there is help available. At the moment the foodbank is well stocked.

Scams and misinformation

There are many rumours that the safe distancing will be removed any time soon, much speculation, and much misinformation abounds. Please be careful what you read and believe as some are unfortunately mischievous sources. Scams are on the rise as are speculators wishing to make money out of the misfortune of others. However there are many examples too of good community spirit and kindnesses and a positive attitude to obey the rules to enable us to get through this. Lessons will be learnt. Some things will change for ever.

Social distancing

As the Easter weather is expected to be good, it is possible that some will choose to forget about the social distancing regulations in place. Rutland may be targeted. I would urge residents however not to get involved in any altercations should visitors be attracted to our lovely village over this weekend. If you really think there is an issue then please let me know and I will contact the right authorities. The Police intend to make regular patrols to well-known popular areas which will include Exton.

Making PPE and volunteering

If any local business are interested in making PPE please send details to governance@rutland.gov.uk. This address is not meant to use for other purposes. We must remember that all staff are overstretched in order to keep the wheels turning during the current times. For those able to volunteer 'out of the village' on a wider scale there will be updates next week of avenues available and these links will gradually appear on the RCC website.

Parish Council

Going forward Parish Councils are required to have 'virtual' meetings and as already advised there will not be an 'annual' meeting. Audits are to be delayed. Residents will see on this website and on the Village Noticeboard the Minutes of the Exton and Horn April meeting which was held using email. Agendas and Minutes will continue to appear on the website and on the Noticeboard.


I hope you all enjoy the Easter weekend even if it is not what you would normally be doing. We are constantly reminded, however, we have to look at the bigger picture and if we are to prevent the virus from spreading we need to STAY HOME.

Fox and Hounds menu

Attached is the Menu and price list from the Fox and Hounds who are providing Take Away meals. There is a good choice.

Information sources

This website and the Exton Covid 19 Facebook page are the places to look for announcements from the Parish Council or RCC, thanks to Paul Taylor and Mark Butterill for their support administering them.

Reasons to be grateful

Lastly let us be grateful for those in the front line no matter what job they do. Where would we be without our NHS? Spare a moment too for those who have lost family members whether through the virus or otherwise and are unable to attend funerals of their loved ones.

Best wishes

Annette Oliver, Parish Clerk, Exton and Horn Parish Council

Keep Well Keep Safe - KEEP YOUR DISTANCE

Posted: Thu, 09 Apr 2020 18:47 by Paul Taylor

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