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Update from Parish Clerk

Update from Parish Clerk

VE Day

Well I hope on this glorious sunny morning you are up for celebrating VE day. The TV and various other stations and You Tube connections have lots planned. Don't forget the competition via Radio Rutland - please send in your photos of your celebrations. However we were reminded yesterday at the RCC briefing that all the social distancing rules as they stand now must be observed. I keep hearing whispers and have been asked by one or two about the celebration that is going to happen on the green? I have no idea at all who is organising what - all I will say is that we were also told that the police will be patrolling more over the weekend and today to ensure guidelines are followed. So please do not risk everybody's health when it is so easy not to. We were also advised that the police have issued some fines in the area recently for some disregarding the safe distancing.

Waste disposal

As I said the other day the plans for opening the tip at some point in the near future are in the making, it will not be as you knew it before, it will take quite a long time to enter and therefore a queue. It was suggested as and when we can pass on the information regarding opening, you do not rush out to go but perhaps give the system time to work itself in and again were asked to remind you not to make unnecessary trips. Those moving house perhaps obviously need to clear out excess rubbish but if you are just tidying up, then keep it at home a little longer.

Foodbank donations

Lastly can I remind you about the Exton and Horn FOODBANK collection point in my porch at 20 Stamford Road. Please just drop any donations into the box, you do not need to come to the door. The collection box will be removed each Wednesday and an empty box put in its place. The Foodbank website gives an up to date reminder of their needs but remember no fresh, frozen or home made foods can be accepted. Thanks to all the people in Exton who I know will want to help support those less fortunate, one tin of something, across a number of households makes quite a contribution and makes the difference between a meal on the table or not for many.

Enjoy the sunshine - but please please - we are not out of the woods yet. Follow the government guidelines.

Annette,Parish Clerk

Posted: Sat, 09 May 2020 16:10 by Paul Taylor

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