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Update from Parish Clerk

Update from Parish Clerk

Dear All

I hope you all enjoyed VE day and raised a glass and a flag or two?The messages from the Government are not always very clear about what we can and what we cannot do but the Clerk can only give you facts as we are told them from the Rutland County Council. There was disquiet last weekend when I believe a number of cars and people were on the village green. I did not see as I was at home so I have no idea who or what the group were. It was mentioned on Facebook and the opinion voiced that the Parish Council should have prevented it but the PC do not have those sort of powers. It is a police matter if anything. Anyway let us hope that no spread of infection occurred because as we all know Covid 19 has not gone away. It is a pity that not everybody seems to wear their sensible head at such an important time as we are in at present.

Once again I am raising the issue of the Exton Playpark. I am told a group of youngsters were in there the other day. Let me reiterate the Playpark is closed. At the parish briefing this morning all the Clerks were reminded of this. There are no exceptions. This is done for everybody's benefit. These areas are regarded as high risk because of the close proximity of people and the contact with equipment which cannot be kept sterilised. I cannot understand why this is so hard to understand. There is a sign saying it is closed and the gate is locked. Why is that so difficult to understand. Please will the offenders take this seriously. As and when the government advises differently the Parish Council will open the gate and you will be most welcome to enjoy the facilities. We are all looking forward to the arrival of the new equipment which is currently on hold while the crisis runs its course. We hope to have a proper 'opening' as and when appropriate.

Some sporting activities are being allowed and more exercise. With regard to sporting facilities the document is very detailed but slightly ambiguous in parts. As Secretary myself of an outdoor bowls club it has taken our committee a while to work out safe and legal albeit minimal access to the bowling green.

We were advised that the recycling plant at North Luffenham will be opened next Tuesday and there has been a great deal of planning to allow this to happen, with road signs, redirected traffic, and queues are anticipated. Details are on the Rutland County Council website. There is no sign at the moment of the Cottesmore site being opened. Residents are still being urged not to make unnecessary trips to the tip and to store items at home and just make use of the roadside collections.

The advice still is if you can work from home then you should do so, the recovery of the country is all based on safety.

The Foodbank system is working well with 17 pick up points and 15 villages now participating. I was so impressed with the donations to the Exton box, too much for the one container, so two have been left this time. Remember they collect the boxes every Wednesday, it is located outside my door, 20 Stamford Road. Just leave any donations in the box. Thank you in advance. It is so nice to know the village is helping.

Speeding is evidently still a problem, so the police are being vigilant. Indeed I noticed the camera vehicle on the ring road in Oakham this morning.

There are no plans to open Rutland Water or the Nature Reserve for the forseeable future. They are in talks with the RCC to try and find ways of making access safe but this will not be very soon.

I trust everyone is keeping well and safe and let me remind you once more that if you are in need of help just call and if at all possible help will be found. Do not worry at home on your own if you are self isolating. There are friends in this village who will help and support.

Thank you to everyone who is helping out their neighbours etc without using the Volunteer group, this is what makes Exton so special.

As many do not receive emails perhaps the contents of this update can be passed on to those without?

Keep safe one and all and Keep your distance


Clerk, Exton and Horn Parish Council

Posted: Thu, 14 May 2020 15:12 by Paul Taylor

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