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Update from Parish Clerk

Update from Parish Clerk

Dear Residents

The weather continues to ease our way through this next phase of the lockdown and I am sure we all feel lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country at this time. The message via Rutland tourist website is not encouraging people to visit the county for the Bank Holiday weekend and stresses that Rutland Water is closed for the forseeable future, but if the fine weather continues I think it fair to say that they will come. It seems the Police have been stopping people en route and turning them back as they were heading for the facility.The Parish Council are aware how the influx of visitors affects the lifestyle of many residents but we are powerless to prevent it. In a long conversation today with the interim Chief Highways Officer sharing some concerns for Exton I was advised that unless there are illegal actions there are few preventative measures. Similarly our police force although stretched have promised patrols over the weekend. Again I must ask you not to take matters into your own hands however tempting. There will be a few signs in place.

With regard to the Playpark the Parish Council, on the advice of the police and with the agreement of the Rutland County Council, have now left the gate open. This is contrary to common sense and government advice. All the play equipment including the skate board ramp now have signs attached saying 'Do Not Use' 'This equipment has not been sterilised'. Our insurance company have been advised. Government advice is that the virus can remain on hard surfaces - such as in the play area - hence we are asked to keep them closed. However a small section of the population seem to think they know best and are climbing over the gate and using the ramp in particular despite this. There is a sign saying the park is closed, which was put in place when we were advised to do so, way back in March. It is not however the role of the Playpark Warden nor myself to act as policemen. While the police have removed some youngsters a couple of times, as we all know they are short of staff and have a large area to cover. Therefore to avoid the gate being damaged it is open. This does not change the risks of spreading the virus and while not all the 'visitors' are from the village, I would urge all of you reading this email to ensure your families understand the dangers and avoid using the equipment.

The Crisis Helpline is open on Bank Holiday Monday 2 -5pm and Saturday as normal.

Speeding is an ongoing issue and the police are on the look out. In fact the other evening a speedometer was set up in the village for a couple of days. Did you get caught? There is still so much less traffic but it is dangerous to take advantage of this not knowing what is around the bend and particularly in the country where birds and animals suddenly dart out in front, or there are walkers, joggers etc.

It seems the government is keen for the schools to open 1st June but this is not necessarily the case everywhere as the isolation required may not be possible to achieve in all establishments.

The rationale for opening libraries was raised in today's briefing and the Clerks were advised that all books would have to be 'quarantined' for 48 hours after use or handling. It seems in a shop if books are touched they have to be bought or quarantined before being returned to a 'clean area'. Hence they are likely to stay closed.I am sorry not to sound more upbeat but we will eventually return to normal I am sure but it will take a long time. The employment situation for many is of real concern and will not return to normal for many.

The Parish Council hope you noticed that the War Memorial has had a 'conservation clean'. It is so nice to be able to read the names on the memorials. Fortunately we received a grant to offset the cost just a little and coverage will appear in the local newspaper.

Our Foodbank boxes were full to the brim this week when collected Wednesday, so keep up the good work. Remember the porch 20 Stamford Road.

Enjoy your weekend.


Annette, Parish Clerk

Posted: Fri, 22 May 2020 08:20 by Paul Taylor

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