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Playpark vandalism

Playpark vandalism

It is disappointing to report that while the world is fighting a virus of huge proportions and in this small village people have had their lives turned upside down because of it, a mindless individual has decided this is a good time to shoot air pellets into the slide in the playpark.As soon as the Government advises we may do so then this recreation area will be opened up properly for use and the new equipment that is ready and waiting to be installed will be brought in. This will I am sure be of great benefit for those youngsters home schooling throughout these dreadful times.The Parish Council worked incredibly hard to get a grant to purchase the new Eco Trail, Toddlers Sit on ride, and bench, for the benefit of the users.Our playpark warden has continued maintaining the older items and painting some of the fencing to brighten up the area. All this for the benefit of the village.I hope you the residents feel as disappointed as I do on behalf of the Parish Council over this development .If you have any information regarding the culprits please report to the Police on Crime No 20000308058.
Not only is this incredibly dangerous to think that someone is using an air pellet gun in the play area it is criminal damage.
Should the culprit/s be reading this let us hope they have a conscience and feel ashamed of their behaviour.

Annette, Clerk

Posted: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 13:33 by Paul Taylor

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