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Clerk: Helen Duckering
3 Ruddle Way, Langham, Rutland
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Update from Parish Clerk

Update from Parish Clerk


A message from Ali Wainwright – Chair Rutland Foodbank On behalf of the Rutland Foodbank I'm pleased to say thank you to everyone involved in the Community Collections Scheme. No-one could have predicated the situation we find ourselves in and the impact upon our local communities. Already this financial year the Foodbank has helped over 550 people in food poverty. The number of referrals is rising and we anticipate an increase in the rate of referrals as furlough ends and sadly firms need to make redundancies. Your extremely generous donations were so well timed that we now have healthy stocks in the warehouse of certain items but there are a few products that we will always need regularly. I wonder if I might take this opportunity to refocus the current shortages and ask that you consider asking your community to pop these in the collection box.

We really appreciate donations of the long-life sponge pudding packs and Smash-type potatoes. We have very good supplies of toiletries at the moment but do run short of disposable razors quite regularly. Unfortunately we cannot accept fresh or homemade food or food past the best before/use-by date. At the moment we are blessed with mountains of baked-beans, tinned soups, dried pasta and cereals so for the moment we would ask not to donate these until further notice. Occasionally we run very short of an item so in that situation we put a shout-out on the Rutland Foodbank Facebook page (it's accessible to browse even if you are not signed up for Facebook). If you need to contact the foodbank team directly please email on info@rutland.foodbank.org.uk

Please note the boxes are collected from 20 Stamford Road porch, Exton, fortnightly beginning 1st July, please support this cause


As the Government restrictions are gradually eased, significant changes will take place to many of the community schemes for voluntary help organised by Parish Councils and some will disappear, however in Exton we are fortunate that Dr Sheila Koehring will continue to organise collection of prescriptions for those who need it for a while longer at least. When winter approaches this will enable those less able not to have to worry about the weather and standing outside possibly while distancing still applies. We will let you know if this system changes.


Exton and Horn Parish Council are indebted to the co ordinators and all the people who put their names on the list offering to shop and other jobs for residents. Believe it or not only one person shopped for another because I assume other support was already in place. Many people who did not ring and add their names continue to do their bit for family and friends, this is the benefit of a village community.

Help with cleaning

A gentleman who lives alone in the village is looking for some help with cleaning, he is willing to pay for the services, contact 813196 if you can help .

Local helpline

I wonder if anyone is prepared to set up a local helpline in the village for assistance such as above, similar to the one at the commencement of the Covid lockdown? I will happily advertise in the newsletter.

Local Plan

Please remember you can have your say – access to the website was put on the Exton and Horn parish website and the Exton covid page but in case you are not aware the details are as follows: https://www.rutland.gov.uk/my-services/planning-and-building-control/planning/planning-policy/local-plan/ there is a poster on the village website and on the noticeboard. Responses need to be with the Rutland County Council by 17th July. You need to have your say.

War Memorial Garden

Andrew Hunter continues with painting the railings at the War Memorial and the Parish Council are very grateful . The garden area has been tidied up by him and Derek Palmer, David Healey and Peter Healey, and Lorraine Palmer Cash has trimmed back the roses. There is concern over the large branches overhanging the garden and memorial and the Parish Council are considering various options.


Don't forget bulbs from the garden no longer needed can be planted in the Spinney, just contact David Healey who has taken on caring for this once forgotten area. The two benches offered by Bernadette and Mark Wallace and Kiloren and Ed Heckels have been sanctioned by the RCC so as soon as 'Men in Sheds' is back up and running they will be installed. Thanks again for these.


Some of you may have hoped that the playpark would open properly 4th July but the restraints of the Government guidelines with regard to continual cleaning the equipment make this both impractical and impossible. Unfortunately therefore the equipment should not be used until there is less risk of the Covid 19 virus being spread. We are told the virus remains on hard surfaces even in the outdoors for a while and the Parish Council does not feel it can sufficiently cover the sterilising needs. Please therefore be sensible and do not use the equipment. Meanwhile the playpark warden continues to do maintenance work . It is disappointing to hear that some congregate and leave their litter behind, cans and the like, this is a really pleasant area in the village, maintained on your behalf out of Parish Council funds so misuse is difficult to understand. The new equipment on order in the store.

Residents moving

We say goodbye to the Wallaces who have been renting in the village a short time while their Empingham home has some renovation work. As their modernised property will have a different lighting they are offering below:

Light Bulbs - Free to Good Homes
I have light bulbs I do not need and would like to give to
anyone who has a use for them
4 Reflector Spotlights SES 40 watt
2 Halogen GU10 Twistline 50 watt
3 Halogen MR16 Dichroic Reflectors 12 volt 35 watt
1 Halogen MR16 Dichroic Reflectors 12 volt 20 watt
3 Halogen G4 capsule 12 volt 20 watt

Contact Hilary on 812889 or hilarywallacehw@gmail.com
if you want any or all of them

Post Box Empingham Road

The Post box is officially closed off at the moment due we are told to a part being broken. During the present times this may take a little longer to repair which is unfortunate for many who will have to use the other post box in High Street.


The Parish Council has sent a questionnaire to the residents of Stamford End requesting their views on the dangers of the entrance/exit to Garden Road at the junction with Stamford Road. Pulling out can be quite a tricky operation especially when the school is busy. Should any other parishioner wish to add their comments please send to the Clerk. The responses will be considered and maybe the issue raised with the Highways Department of the RCC. At least at long last the large pothole has now been repaired.

National Armed Forces Covenant

The Rutland County Council are urging all Parishes to sign up to this 'promise from the Nation' to support all the Armed Forces personnel and their families during and after their service. More information can be found on line. The Exton and Horn PC have done so at the last Parish Council meeting.


The easing of lockdown is not easy for many who have been staying at home more or less completely, be kind to those who find this sudden freedom a bit of a worry. As we are aware from the reports concerning Leicester, the Covid 19 has not gone away. It behoves us all to behave sensibly.


It may be Newsletters will resume in printed format later in September but this depends upon a number of things. Whether the school are prepared to print for us and whether the distributors are happy to take them around the village.

Best wishes – Keep Safe

Annette, Clerk

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