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Update from Parish Clerk

Update from Parish Clerk

Dear Residents


Playpark opening

The Exton and Horn Parish Council is pleased to announce that the Play park will be open for use Saturday 3rd August. The wooden skateboard ramp has now been repaired at a cost of almost £2000. It seems the ramp will require regular maintenance on an annual basis of possibly £300 or more; it would be great if users would try and consider ways of fund raising to help support this. It would be a shame if this facility was removed but in these testing times the Parish Council has to spend all monies wisely and for the benefit of the whole community. We would point out in the past comments have been passed on to the clerk re splinters? This is a wooden ramp for skateboarding, not a slide, it cannot be guaranteed that anybody using it for that purpose won't get splinters.

Unfortunately we are disappointed to hear that the new equipment consisting of an Eco Trail, new springer for the toddlers and a new comfortable seat, sponsored by Healthy Grant for Rutland, cannot be installed before 21st September. Unfortunately when the delivery was about to arrive Covid 10 struck and the order was put on hold. Now we are in a queue with other other parks in the same position.

The new sign advising best practise to keep users safe, according to Government guidelines, will also be in position by the weekend thanks to our volunteer playpark warden Jonathan.

As the site does not have 'staff' on site, users are expected to bring their own wipes or sprays and ensure the particular play station is clean before and after use. Please take your used tissues, wipes etc. home with you for disposal as the waste bins have been removed in accordance with government advice to avoid spreading the virus. Social distancing is important. It is also advised not to take food and drink into the park. The Parish Council have done their best to make the area safe but it is now up to you who use it to remember Covid 19 has not gone away, it is still a real threat to all our lives. Take the advised precautions, remember social distancing, be kind and polite to other persons in the playpark.

It has been noted that the hedge around the playpark behind the skateboard ramp has been broken away sufficiently to make an access from Exton Estate. This will shortly be filled in again at more expense. The Parish Council is expected to keep the play area fenced off for the safety of the children, so please do not cause more financial burden on the parish by damaging perfectly good boundaries.

Changes at Parish Council

There are some changes afoot within the Parish Council as Chairman Derek Palmer recently retired from his role. Derek has been such a tower of strength during his long term of office, his knowledge of the neighbourhood and his practical skills have been so appreciated. Never frightened to turn his hand at something practical we hope that he will continue to support the new Chairman John Pitts, formerly Vice Chairman, while he gets used to the role. John has in effect been 'chairing' the meetings over the past few months while they have been held on Zoom. This type of meeting is set to continue a while longer. New Vice Chairman is Tommy Cooper. Derek's resignation means a vacancy now exists on the parish council if you feel you have the necessary interest and enthusiasm. Meanwhile we hope Derek will enjoy a well earned retirement.

I will also shortly be retiring as Clerk. The new Clerk is responsible for five other parishes so things will be a little different for the community. We will prepare the October Agenda jointly but the new Clerk, Mrs Helen Duckering, will officially take over at that meeting. Contact details will be publicised nearer the time.


Support for the Foodbank collection seems to have dropped off this last couple of weeks, perhaps now people are shopping more they do not feel they need this local drop off point?


A reminder that I or Dan Howison would appreciate knowing before September whether distributors are happy to take the newsletter round the village once again if we begin producing them that month in printed format.

Keep well,


31st July 2020

Posted: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 10:11 by Paul Taylor

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