Exton and Horn Parish Council

Serving the people of Exton and Horn

Clerk: Helen Duckering
3 Ruddle Way, Langham, Rutland
LE15 7NZ

Tel: 01572 759554

Changes at the Parish Council

Changes at the Parish Council

At the Annual Parish Meeting Derek Palmer the previous Chairman announced his resignation from the Council. John Pitts was elected as the new Chairman while Tommy Cooper was elected as Vice Chairman.

Annette Oliver is also stepping down from the role of Clerk to the Parish Council and Helen Duckering has been appointed as the new Clerk. Helen's contact details can be found on the About the Council page of this website.

The Council is grateful to both Derek and Annette for all their hard work on behalf of the Council and indeed the village as a whole.

There is currently a vacancy on the Council. Please contact the Clerk if you would be interested in being co-opted to this role.

Posted: Thu, 24 Sep 2020 10:16 by Paul Taylor

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