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Message from Centrebus re bus services

Message from Centrebus re bus services

Since the government announcement on 22nd February and the roadmap to ease out of lockdown we have been working with our bus operators on re-building our local bus services. Several changes will come into effect from 8th March 2021 including the addition of an earlier journey to the RF2 service in order to assist with getting students into Oakham to meet up with other transport connections. I attach a copy of the timetable for your information and they will be put in place at the relevant bus stops early next week. The information can also be found on the Centrebus website at www.centrebus.info

Home | CentrebusPlease check our timetables before you travel, some services have changed, details here. Scholar tickets now also available as mTickets on services X6, R47, 6, 8, 846 and 847, details herewww.centrebus.info

Social distancing measures should still be adhered to and the wearing of face masks is still mandatory unless exempt. Hopefully if everyone is careful we will be able to build back up to a full timetable in due course.

See attachment for latest timetable

Posted: Sat, 06 Mar 2021 16:22 by Paul Taylor

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