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Help for Ukraine

Help for Ukraine

I wanted to thank everybody who has so generously contributed to the Ukrainian collections via Exton Village Hall. I can safely say they have filled our garage and it took days to sort, label and pack them. So far three estate car loads have been delivered directly onto lorries - some directly for Kharkiv in Ukraine, and others to Ukrainian refugee centres on the Polish border. Villagers in Manton and Greetham have also contributed baby equipment and clothing. And we will have another load to deliver soon. Anyone wishing to see the work can see the photos and developments on 'Support the World' Facebook page including photos of a Councillor from Mariupol who recently collected some of the donations, and some of the children receiving the donations in Poland. Our collection will continue as the need is endless, and as seasons change more items are always needed.

Thank you so much again

Lynne Cundy

Further details of how you can help with aid for Ukraine can be found in the May Newsletter.

Posted: Mon, 25 Apr 2022 11:36 by Paul Taylor

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